: I don't want CUE

11-29-12, 01:59 PM
So next week I am going into my credit union to get my loan and start the process to secure a 2.0T ATS! So very excited! This is something I have been planning on for some time now, and I've been saying that I would do it as a Christmas gift to myself, so now is the time.

However, unlike most 28 year olds, I'm really not into the techy stuff at all, I live my day to day life pretty tech simple. I see no reason to spend the extra money for CUE, which I've heard can be buggy. I figure the only reason for getting it would be "bragging rights" since I honestly would have extremely little use for it. Navigation? Well we all have smart phone with turn by turn directions, so no big deal there. Anyone else in this same state of mind? Experiences with the ATS sans CUE?

I can't wait to be an ATS owner, just hope it doesn't take long to find the model I want: 2.0T standard, Black raven with black interior, no CUE, and polished rims.

11-29-12, 02:56 PM
You may have to order that combination. I'm guessing that only the 2.5s would come to the lot w/o CUE.

11-29-12, 04:25 PM
Go for it. My dealer has three 2.0 RWD ATS Standard for around $38K on the lot. That's a heckuva lot of car for the money.

11-29-12, 08:10 PM
That's the great thing about the great old USA you have a choice. Nobody says you have to get it so get what's makes the most sense to you. For me I am a techie and I love my CUE system in fact I have almost every option you can get.

11-29-12, 11:44 PM
I had your attitude until I got Nav in a vehicle... then I got a better nav in another vehicle. Now I love having the in dash toys. I have a top tier smart phone that does nav too. I prefer having it with the car, and the larger screen. I know my friends always regret not getting the "toy" options 1-2 years down the road in their car. If you're not used to it.. then no harm in not getting it.

11-30-12, 12:38 AM
I went to my dealer expecting to hate the CUE. My experience is that it works as designed. You should consider trying it out. You'll be at the dealer anyway, you might as well verify your thoughts. Might surprise you.

11-30-12, 08:55 AM
I could take or leave CUE itself, but what I do like about the big screen is the backup camera is great. It's a big help as there are some blind spots. Also, I love the NAV. It's waaaay better than the NAV on my smartphone.

11-30-12, 09:13 AM
I think there's something to be said about the overall look of the interior with and without CUE. I'm a pretty avid techie, so I wanted CUE for other reasons. But I really think the interior looks so much cleaner and more modern with the 8" display than without it. It really is a gorgeous setup.

I have my gripes with CUE. But I don't regret getting it whatsoever. Sometimes it's slower than you'd hope, and sometimes you encounter slight bugs. But none of those are a deal breaker. Assuming you have a little patience with the system and have a little faith that Cadillac will sort through the minor issues it has... it's absolutely worth getting.

So I completely agree with YankeeVic. Take a look at the interiors with and without CUE. I wouldn't be surprised if you fell in love with it.

11-30-12, 06:37 PM
The non CUE cluster looks goofy. All I can think of is Johnny 5...

11-30-12, 06:40 PM
CUE is awesomeness on a stick.