: All Weather Mats

11-29-12, 10:13 AM
I just wanted to pass along my experience with new mats for winter. I live in an area where snow and salt are plentiful, and carpeted mats will get ruined quickly if left in year round. I decided to go with Weathertech all weather mats that are specific to my SRX. I had a gift balance at Amazon and was able to order through them. The whole process took about a week. Shipping seemed to be 1-2 days. I ordered only the fronts, as I had a set from my X3 that are fine for the rear. I was surprised to see that the Weathertech mats had holes that were easily popped out, enabling the use of the OEM anchoring system. I did notice an extra flap on the driver"s mat that goes over the "imaginary pedal" to the left of the brake. It seems to flap a little now, but I'm hoping it will settle into place. I can't see cutting it off. It's only been in the car for a day and I haven't driven yet. I feel the price was fair at $60.