: 2013 SRX Owners Manual

11-28-12, 08:57 PM
The 2013 SRX owners manual is finally up on Cadillac's website in a pdf version. They also have the CUE manual up there.

Mike Grasso
11-29-12, 01:36 AM
About a week ago I started a "Trouble Ticket" on the MyCadillac App so that the 2013 SRX is added.
Had about 5 phone calls in two days, all the way to the programmers, we should be seeing an update to it within 3 weeks, they promised the manual in 5 days.
Glad to see they kept that.


Marc NY
11-29-12, 07:24 AM
I will be looking for that APP update! Thanks for doing that Mike for all of us, I was just going to do the exact same thing. I actually had selected the XTS vehicle name so that I could at least get some of my 2013 info installed.

BTW: Shhh don't tell Steve we are waiting to get the "MyCadillac" app latest update for he will have a coronary ... :holycrap: