: OEM style tow mesh inserts?

11-27-12, 07:59 PM
So I've been googling my posterior off and cannot find something that emulates the oem grille as as lower grille tow hook location insert.

All I can find is the blingy Asanti style aftermarket inserts.

I don't care what the frame is cause I would color match it anyway, I just need the mesh to match the oem clean vertical/horizontal pattern.

Does anything like this exist?



Oopsies, sorry about the tittle, I meant tow not fog (if a mod can edit it I'd appreciate it)

11-27-12, 08:03 PM
Great minds must think alike because we have a lot of the same style when it comes to modding. If I'm able to find anything I'll be sure to post it up.

ok I lied....does this count? http://www.ebay.com/itm/07-12-Cadillac-Escalade-Tow-Hook-Cover-Factory-Style-Truck-SUV-Grille-by-E-G-/230885093986?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3AEscalade&hash=item35c1d2f262&vxp=mtr

that's the closest I've found

11-27-12, 08:14 PM
Damn, if you haven't found one I doubt it exists. :(

Which is rather shocking considering how many base bumpered escalades there are and the plethora of other tackier options.

This is something that would sell if someone took the time to make it.

Maybe I'll buy one of the cheap ones, paint the border, and see if I can have someone fabricate the mesh to match.


Mmm, interesting ... the attached pdf instructions seem a little intrusive, but worth some further consideration.

Thanks bud.

11-27-12, 08:18 PM
hmmm it all looks fairly straight forward except for step 9, thats a bit weird. I bet they say to add the black so any imperfections in the alignment of the grill to the bumper are as easily exposed

11-27-12, 08:25 PM
It seem to me that the right way to do these, at least the way I would do it if I were designing them, would be to have the same attachment points as the ones already there to hold the soft plastic black trim around the hooks, the grille would be held forward flush to the bumper from there. That way all you have to do is take the hooks and trim off, attach, and be on your way. :shrug:

11-27-12, 08:27 PM
I upgraded to the chrome tow hooks. I think they look nice...maybe not as good as what you're desiring though:


11-27-12, 08:30 PM
Elusive, it might come to that ... i used to have those on my Denali so it's a backup option.

it'd be nice to figure out a way to do it the way I'd like it to look tho.


11-27-12, 08:35 PM
Yeah true....I have chrome tow hooks just chillen behind my Platinum bumper if you end up wanting some. I honestly didn't know they weren't all chrome, I just assumed that was factory

11-27-12, 08:46 PM
Well keep us updated. I'd be interested too if you find something like what you are describing...

11-27-12, 09:49 PM
Those grilles are good looking and a pretty decent match to the OEM style grille insert. I think you could easily tinker with the way it mounts and the bracketry to make it fit perfect during install. I say go for it!