: New to site. 70 conv question

11-27-12, 02:57 PM
Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and fairly new to the Cadillac world. I have a 1970 DeVille Conv that I bought 2 years ago and have been slowly restoring it.
I am trying to figure out the correct hubcaps for the car. I see pics with different styles. It came with the wire caps but only 3. I also have 2 sets of 3 others. Does anyone know, or can you direct to me a resource where I can figure out which ones are correct?

11-27-12, 03:41 PM
Welcome to the forum!! We have some sharp people in here, therefore I have no doubt you will get your answer. Lets see some pics of said machine. Enjoy your stay!!

11-27-12, 04:40 PM
Welcome to the Forums, Frank! The correct hubcaps for your 1970 Cadillac convertible are picture below. Notice that this version does not have the "wreath" surrounding the Cadillac crest in the center of the hubca. The "wreath" surrounding the crest is for Fleetwood and Eldorado models only. Wire wheel hubcaps were not OEM for 1970 Cadillacs.

Sorry for some reason I can't upload pictures, I am sure that 77CDV will be able to help you out with ome pictures.

Good luck with your restoration!

11-27-12, 11:52 PM
Try "cardomain.com" for some pics.

11-28-12, 12:03 AM
Welcome to a fellow 70 CDV convertible owner!

11-28-12, 02:52 AM
While this is a hardtop, I really don't think the factory hubcaps for the Convertibles were different.


Being the factory brochure, I feel it is safe to say that the car pictured (1970 DeVille hardtop) is certainly wearing the proper shoes.

11-29-12, 02:39 AM
I've found this site to be a great source of info on vintage Cadillacs. According to them all Devilles had the same hubcap, the wire spoke hubcaps were always an extra charge option, and I don't see that listed in their info for 1970 models.


BTW, have you found a driver, rented a white suit, and chomped on cigars while being driven around yet???