: Escalade Mechanic or Tech Needed

11-27-12, 10:33 AM
Looking for a cadillac escalade mechanic or tech who wouldn't mind doing some work on my truck for me.
I am located in the NJ / PA border. Looking for the right person who can service my vehicle long term and who knows what the vehicle consist of. Any help or refferals would be great. Please msg me.

11-27-12, 11:35 AM
i would look up your craigslist if you are looking for a cheap mechanic or take it to a local shop. You can look up auto repair on yelp in your area and go by what has the best reviews. Only count reviews over 3-5 as accurate as usually a shop owner or its employees will through a couple self reviews on there too.

12-01-12, 10:37 AM
Could not PM you.

I should be able to help you out.

12-02-12, 10:14 PM
Hello Chris I was wondering if I was reading this right that you are a cadillac mechanic in the New Jersey area that knows the cadillac escalade. I am also looking for a good cadillace escalade mechanic so that I would not have to go to the dealer.

12-02-12, 10:26 PM
If you are new to the forum, you must post several times in order to unlock the privledge of PM. Posting an email address in an open forum is against the rules. Maybe try a visitor message on the persons page you wish to contact. Just a quick reminder. Thank you all for understanding.

12-02-12, 11:45 PM
MrHolland is correct. My sincere apologies.

PM is the best way to contact me. Yes I am in NJ. 20 years experience.