: Any XM deals lately?

11-26-12, 06:01 PM
Got another vehicle coming up to re-subscribe next month and just wondering what people have been paying,so I wil know what to ask for.

11-26-12, 06:25 PM
Used to be $74 or $77 but now the best deal is about $10 more.

Just tell them you want to cancel because it's too expensive. They will transfer you over to a cancellation specialist who will give you the best yearly option available.

Did exactly that about a month ago.

Marc NY
11-26-12, 07:04 PM
If you don't keep your eyes on your Credit Card account regularly you might just miss Sirius XM renewal charge of a mere $165.00 for a year which is applied automatically to your account after your special runs out. :suspense:

When I saw that charge I called and told them that my 2012 SRX was sold and would they please credit my account.

BTW: They wanted me to renew my 3 month trial on my 2013 SRX for $84.00 for a year or $43.00 for 6 months, I told them I have Pandora and I think XM might want to reconsider lowering their fees a little bit more. Then I told them I received an email recently from a previous sold vehicle that had XM account on and they were offering me $25.00 for 6 mths. She told me that I couldn't take advantage of that rate for it was for an account that was inactive for a period of time.

11-26-12, 07:38 PM
Thanks Marc. I have all my XM expiration dates marked on the calendar in big red letters. Just got off the phone with them, with a tiny bit of credit from the traded in 10 SRX, and the half price special, it came to $89, that includes taxes, royalties etc. Now about the 1st of FEb, I have to call and hound them about teh subscription on the new 13 SRX.