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12-21-04, 03:19 PM
:coolgleam I am a brand new member who knows little of the inter workings of a computer. I want to say HELLO to everybody and try and communicate with others. I have a 02 SLS (bought new 28M) Before that a 97 Cateria I had bought new and (the best driving maching I ever had) Trouble was in the 6 years I had it it was in the shop 44 times. Mostly lights then after trading it dawned on me the Cateria had all the gauges u would ever need to drive. I have posted a couple of threads while trying to get in with yawl. So howdy looking forward to reading yawls input. Jonsey of Mobile.

12-21-04, 08:47 PM
:welcome: I am a little unclear as to whether you bought this car new or just bought it. If you just bought it go to the home page and read up on the technical information. There is a wealth of information there that should be included in the owners manual. Then learn how to pull the DTC's (diagnostic trouble codes) from the onboard computer when you get a warning light. After that, drive it and enjoy it.

12-21-04, 09:13 PM
:D Thanks - bought both cars new. The Cateria was under warenty the entire time I had it extended warenty. The SLS is fine and was bought new also The Cateria came off the old German Opal line and was introduced to soon before getting any I repeat any of the bugs out. Jonsey