: 2013 SRX: Blind Zone Alert - Part of what package?

11-26-12, 02:30 PM
Just entered a new lease for a 2013 Cadillac SRX Performance Package. Crystal Red with Ebony Interior.

I wanted both the DRIVERS AWARENESS and DRIVERS ASSIST packages factored in.

I was able to get the awareness package added. However, it seems the drivers assist is not available as an option on the 2013 vehicle. The dealer even showed me on his configuration screen. I suppose he was going off available regional inventory rather than having it added as a "custom built" feature.

So, there's a feature called BLIND ZONE ALERT. Can't quite figure out if it's part of the awareness package I got of the assistance package I don't have.

There is also a REAR-CROSS traffic alert package as well that isn't quite explained as to where that all fits in.

Any help in deciphering which of these features may or may not be part of the AWARENESS package would be appreciated.

Marc NY
11-26-12, 02:47 PM
The new Driver Awareness Package comes with the following: Rear-Cross Traffic Alert/ Forward Collision Alert/ Lane Departure Warning along with new patent Vibrating-Alert Seats. The new Driver Assist Package for now, is still on constraint as I understand it.

However, that being said, the Driver Awareness Pkg. is one awesome pkg for the mere price of approx. $445.00. IMO: That package is a must have if you are looking at getting a 2013 SRX ... you definitely will not regret getting it at all! :thumbsup:

11-26-12, 02:49 PM

So it seems I did very well negotiating the AWARENESS package into the lease. Out of the two, this is the bigger baby to have.

Am I to understand that the BLIND SPOT feature is part of that package as well?

Looks like I didn't necessarily miss anything substantial by not having the ASSIST package (though not yet available)

Marc NY
11-26-12, 03:06 PM
YES, and yes the Blind Spot is part of that package. I really believe that is the "Best" overall package to get for the money! The Driver Assist is a nice pkg to have also but it comes at a much higher cost... around 5X more than the Awareness pkg. I honestly believe that the Forward Collision Alert will "WAKE" any driver up if they drift/ doze off for a second or two for those bright flashing RED LED lights will light up your windshield along with both sides of your rear seat vibrating too. If that doesn't wake up a distracted or dozing driver nothing will! Also having the auto rear stop brakes will definitely stop you but I would dare to guess that having the Blind Spot Alert going off with your seats vibrating you really shouldn't need to rely on that feature but only in a very very rare scenario.

Just my 02. :)

11-26-12, 04:22 PM
What looks VERY interesting here is the automatic front and rear braking

(which appears to be part of the awareness package)

Wonder how fool-proof it is.

I mean, if it works as advertised, there is no way you could hit something without the vehicle applying its brakes first.

You certainly can't prevent a collision with someone coming towards you, but the video suggests that before you get too close from colliding with another vehicle or a telephone pole on your own the brakes will come into action first.

Would love to hear some real-world experiences with this.

What a neat package.

Marc NY
11-26-12, 04:48 PM
What looks VERY interesting here is the automatic front and rear braking (which appears to be part of the awareness package) ... I hope that I didn't miss lead you to believing that is part of the Driver Awareness Pkg. for that is not the case at all. The Driver Assist package is what I believe you are referring too. The Driver ASSIST Package does have the rearward braking capability but the forward assist does not brake your vehicle for you. The Driver Assist will disengage or slow down your cruise control module so that you will not collide with a vehicle traveling ahead of you on the Thruway who might be going slower than you are. If for some reason the vehicle ahead of you brakes hard or stops quickly you will probably end up hitting that vehicle … unless of course you brake hard yourself as well. I believe that I am understanding that technology correctly.


11-26-12, 04:54 PM

My misunderstanding. The auto-braking are part of the Driver Assist package only.

You know, today both the dealer and I were looking at the official SRX brochure and could not differentiate what features were part of which package. It really isn't made very clear. I am happy I had the chance to come here and get it all straightened out.

Even without the auto-breaking, the DRIVER AWARENESS package is still a great thing to have -- and you are correct it is more important than the ASSIST PACKAGE.

I am just happy with the Blind Spot assistance. That is my biggest fear on the road --- moving into a lane where a car already exists. Hopefully the Blind Spot assistance will work as well as it is advertised.

12-01-12, 08:33 PM
Got my first taste of the DRIVERS AWARENESS package today as my seat vibrated at least twice with a red indicator light....for what seemed no apparent reason.

I'm just driving down a local road when it went off. I wasn't too close to another vehicle. Perhaps there was some brush alongside the road close by. I couldn't really tell why it was going off.

Anyone have any idea as to how sensitive this is and what kind of things would make it react?

Also, don't see the little blind zone alert icon on my outside mirror. Does that stay completely hidden until needed?

12-01-12, 10:13 PM
You only get the blind zone alert symbols in either mirror when a vehicle is actually in the blind spot. Even in heavy traffic, it will come on and off when there is a gap between vehicles passing you, or you passing them. One of the buttons on the steering wheel will let you set the sensitivity for the forward collision alert. Those seat buzzers really get your attention don't they?

12-02-12, 06:08 AM

Gotcha. I suppose the main question I was asking is if you can actually see a "hint" of the icon on the mirror while the car is parked. Staring at the side mirror in the sunlight from the driver seat I don't even faintly see it. Perhaps that is the way it was meant to be hidden.

Also, still trying to figure out why the seats are buzzing when there is no apparent danger. Is that happening to anyone else?

Marc NY
12-02-12, 08:08 AM
It could be there is a sensitivity setting that might need to be adjusted. However, if you are heading towards a vehicle and or perhaps driving around a curve and a car is fast approaching you the LED red lights and seats may go off thinking for a second you are in a head on situation. I have had it go off when the sensor feels I am approaching a rear of another vehicle to fast or even if I am slightly heading for a stationary option like a parked car on the side of the road. If it is just the seats that are buzzin then you might be close to the center line or near the side marker on the road side. Believe me ... you will come to realize how much you travel within your own lane... the vibrating seats will certainly make you aware of that for sure. :)

12-02-12, 08:10 AM

As always, thanks.

Are you able to answer the first part of the question? Is the blind spot indicator impossible to see (even faintly) during the day while the car is parked? I just want to be certain I have it.

Marc NY
12-02-12, 08:52 AM
... Are you able to answer the first part of the question? Is the blind spot indicator impossible to see (even faintly) during the day while the car is parked? I just want to be certain I have it.Honestly I never stared at my mirror that closely... :D but what I can tell you is this... while I am sitting in my driver's seat I can't see the Blind Side Alert icons at all in my side view mirrors, except of course, until they actually go "ON". ;) LOL

12-02-12, 10:40 AM
When you first start the car they come on briefly, at least for us, then go out. I can't really see them in the mirrors either, but they are there. If you have the forward collision alert, then you have the blind spot also, I think.

12-02-12, 01:03 PM
Just finished doing the first wax on my vehicle. Up close, I was able to see -- oh so very faintly -- the blind spot indicators in the mirrors. They are there.