: Need help, vibration from dashboard

11-25-12, 05:35 PM
Hi, guys my 1st post in this forum requesting help after buying cadillac escalade esv 09 with 100k miles on, loved it when i bought it and still do...i changed some parts (regret it now why i did it) headers (gibson), exhaust (corsa sport), CAI (airaid mxp series) with tbs from airaid, took it to mechanic, he installed everything truck sounded great i got CEL with p0131 and p0171 running lean, fixed it by replacing the front 2 02 sensors and no more CEL. my problem is after from this 1st day installing everything there is noise coming from car dashboard middle part above the navigation when i accelerate slowly and it says until i let go the gas pedal, comes again if i accelerate slowly and holding it gas pedal, there is no noise if i push the gas pedal when rpm jump direct to 3k and accelating and if i slow down and accelarate slowly it comes back, there no CEL, mechanic checked everything is tight, he lifted the car with me inside accelerating but no noise it only comes when the car is moving he can't figure it out and gave up and told me to keep driving there is nothing wrong but i can't drive with that vibrationg it so annoying, thanks for reading.

BTW i took out tbs i though it was making the vibration, but its not.

11-25-12, 08:31 PM
There is a bracket right beside the battery, see if that's tight. When I had my battery replaced they forgot to tighten the bracket up and my truck sounded like it was vibrating from the dash. I ripped my dash apart and drove it around trying to find the rattle. It was driving me nuts. Then by accident I was detailing the engine bay and bumped into it. Noticed it was loose so I tightened it and never had a rattle again. Maybe try that. Never know

11-25-12, 08:38 PM
Make sure also that the trans dipstick is contacting the a/c lines. And check I'd the dipstick is not broken.

11-25-12, 09:13 PM
the hinges around the battery is tight, the trans dipstick looks good also.

11-26-12, 06:05 PM
fixed the problem (vibration from dashboard above the navigation screen and below the center speaker) after installing new headers gibson they were bigger then the original so they where touching the A/C shield next to the battery, all the way back, took a screw driver and bent it a little nomore vibration...much better :)

11-26-12, 11:09 PM
great news

11-27-12, 12:28 AM
Glad you found yours. I have the same issue but it is from the corner of the passenger side of the dash. It vibrates at around 40 mph and only with soft acceleration. They have checked the dipstick multiple times but I still get the fluttering sound. It sounds like a damper fluttering metal on metal sound....