View Full Version : low speed noise in rear suspension 2011 sts

11-25-12, 12:52 PM
just bought a 2011 STS AWD V6 with 15k mi on it love it, however it does have a rapping/ rattle noise coming from the left rear at low speed only , sounds like it could be a shock , wondering if any others have experienced that. had a friend take a ride and thinks it a blown shock

11-25-12, 01:04 PM
Some of us have had symptoms similar to those you're describing.

Open your doors and look at the door strikes attached to the door jamb. Grab the bar that the latch catches onto and give it a very firm wiggle. Do any of them make a clicking type noise?


Have a look here as well...


11-25-12, 01:05 PM
hi not sure my reply posted, everything seems solid in doors, ditto for trunnk ,spare and rear deck , where speakers mounted. had a freind in car seems to be coming from top of where the rear shock would be attached.

11-25-12, 01:11 PM
Yup, totally understand. I had a Cadillac dealer put a $1000.00 shock and other parts into mine, only to not completely solve the problem. Have a look through the thread I placed a link to in my last post. The way noise radiates through the body, I was sure it was the shock as well (as did the dealership). It wasn't until I replaced my door strikes that the problem went away.


I posted pics of the old and new door strikers in that other thread. This should help you determine if you have the upgraded part. It may be a shock, but at that mileage, I really doubt it.