: Upgrading '13 SRX Driver Awareness to Driver Assist after sale?

11-24-12, 12:25 PM

So because of a car accident and a need to get a replacement vehicle sooner (no one hurt thank God thanks to the excellent safety of the CTS) than wanted I bought an SRX Premium with the Driver Awareness package. I really wanted the Assist package though. Sadly it still isn't available. It seems to me like all the cameras and radar sensors are already stuffed with the Awareness.

Does anyone know how much more hardware is added for the Assist package?

And is an upgrade feasible after purchase?

My service manager would do it for me I think but it's all new enough he doesn't know any details.


Marc NY
11-24-12, 01:52 PM
The Assist package is considerably more money. I do know that the grille is different than the standard 2013 grille and will cost at least $200.00 more than the standard grille. I believe that grille is around $500+ to buy which you will need to have in order to add the Assist Pakcage to your SRX. It won't be as cheap to add as if you had ordered it from the factory ahead of time.

11-24-12, 02:51 PM
Yeah. I know it'll cost some duckets. Adding BT to my early 08 CTS was quite pricey, but cheaper than a new car.

So a new grill. Presumably for a more precise radar for the cruise control and high speed collision sensing than the proximity parking sensors can give.

Probably an overall module replacement or addition somewhere as well.

How about the rear bumper? Is that different as well?