: Turbo or super for a 1989 fleetwood

11-24-12, 01:56 AM
I've been looking in to making my car faster but can't really decide on which one? Or is there any other way to make the engine fast with out any of those.

11-26-12, 01:30 PM
No, you don't have many options outside of forced induction. A number of members at fiero.nl have turbocharged the 4.9 to 300hp or so. See what you can find over there.

12-03-12, 03:40 AM
89 its a 4.5 and you can make all the power you want but the trany wont last long

92 4.9 Deville
12-07-12, 01:47 AM
There is a Fiero guy adapting an Eaton M90 onto a 4.9 as well that I have been watching for updates to see how it works out. There is a company doing regrind cams for these engines so that could help a bit. I have read that the Allante intake is supposed to be an improvement but not sure how much.
You could try to get a free flowing exhaust, wont be huge gains but should help a bit.