: Tires on Cadillac

12-21-04, 11:04 AM
I go and buy a new 2002 SLS and everything was fine till I drive highway speed. Back to the dealer twice. They take off the tires and balance them. Back on the road same problem. I go to Atlanta where they balance the tires while on the car. The tech. said if that did not work have to put on Mitchelin tires. Back on road same vibration (horrible drive, vibrating all over the road. 22K and I go and put on the Mitchelin perfect ride every since. My observation and ? is how can GM put a set of Good Year mid range quality built for mid size cars on a Cadillac. Sell the car for over 45M and justify using these tires??? While at it how do u put a 275HP engine on front wheel drive car. One time I was in an emergency and had to floor the gas and the car went where it wanted to. I went to the dealer and what is called is Torque drive??? HOW?? who makes these decisions?? Not no engineer. Jonsey

12-23-04, 10:05 PM
It's called "Torque Steer". It happens when one wheel grips better than the other. This will cause an uneven distribution of traction and the car will tend to pull to one side. All front wheel drive cars do this. Tha is unless they have a limited slip differential. If you grab the wheel with both hands and keep it straight, then you won't really feel it that much.