View Full Version : I'v been gone for a little while.

Cadillac Kid03
11-23-12, 04:37 PM
Sup guys i'm back from figuring stuff out sorting life problems and such. I'm going back to school and i quit smoking! and went on a diet because i'm looking at the military. But other then that the mini vans fixed and and the Cadillac is runing good and the Z28 is going back on the road! But that is all and i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving!

11-23-12, 04:45 PM
Go Navy !

Cadillac Kid03
11-23-12, 04:47 PM
Go Navy !I'm looking at the Marines or Army haha...

11-23-12, 04:48 PM
Congratulations on your new life directions! You will be surprised at the opportuities which will open up!

Cadillac Kid03
11-23-12, 05:41 PM
Congratulations on your new life directions! You will be surprised at the opportuities which will open up!Thanks i needed to brake down the way i did because i was just not happy with my life the way it was lol. But i hope it does open up new "good" doors.

11-24-12, 12:00 AM
Welcome back! Glad things are looking up for you. :)

11-24-12, 12:06 AM
Whoa, Marines or Army,,,,you want to work for a living!!! JK.... Goodluck with your decision regardless of what it may be.

11-24-12, 12:29 AM
That sounds like everything is going good for you. All your cars are fixed, quit smoking (that can be enough money saved for a good used car payment) and going to school. A friend of mine went to the Navy in about 1977 I forgot how many years. Then he poined the Air Force and finished. Then he joined the Army and retired. I regret not joining the service.

Cadillac Kid03
11-24-12, 03:59 AM
Haha car payment that's not what i need now i got two project cars that need work my Z28 and i bought another Cadillac but not posting anything about it yet. Yea i hope its a good start for a better future looking at moving out now too. Looking for a garage to live in with my cars haha.

Cadillac Kid03
12-04-12, 04:31 AM
tomorrow i'm going to check out a school with a crapy cold! I hope its painless and i just get in. I'm getting my GED so do you guys have any advice for me? I'm nervous about going because i'v been out of school for a long time. I'm smart but not educational smart so i'm freaking out that i forgot so much. But after i know it will be better for me since then comes the Military.


12-04-12, 12:27 PM
My only advice, Wes, is make sure that any school you attend is one whose credits are transferable to a fully accredited college or University. Too many of the for profit schools around today have you achieve credits that are not transferable to a fully accredited school that grants real college degrees.

Cadillac Kid03
01-16-13, 10:03 AM
I set up a meeting with the school for tomorrow 9:00AM so that's good. I'm on my new path i guess hope i don't fail and at the end the Army. That's all just a update on what's going on.


01-16-13, 11:59 AM
Good for you Wes!
It isn't how we fall, but how we get back up that matters.