View Full Version : changing to Usa display from metric

11-21-12, 08:06 PM
:mad:There must be a way the change the dials ( spedometer, engine temp., instant ltrs/100 kms to MPG) but I can't find it. I live in Canada 6 months and in the usa 6 months. Need to be able to change the display in the center of dash. Help please.

Marc NY
11-21-12, 08:28 PM
Wow it has been a while since I switched it over to Metric for the guy that bought my 2010 SRX. If I recall you can find it in the turn signal stalk. Push in the elongated button near the end of the stalk. The button faces the driver and then just scroll through the menu by rotating the knob on the end of the turn stalk until you find the US/ Metric option there. In that menu you will find the OIL Life and tire pressure etc... when you find US/Metric select Metric and all your displays will change over for you including the temp gauge. :)