: 2008 ESV extended warranty

11-21-12, 07:28 PM
I bought my escalade used with 78k, now I have 87k. Nothing major has gone wrong which concerns me. My bank will give me extended warranty for 2 years and 115k for $3700. The good part is I can finance it into the car loan. I figure in 2 years I can plan on replacing the radio and the normal shocks and compressor at least.

Does anyone know of a better deal or someone that sells gm plans that could help me out? My bank is USAA so it's reliable and the warranty helps when I deploy and leave the family. Any input is appreciated. Anyone else know of common systems to fail around the 100k mark?

11-22-12, 01:47 PM
$3700 for 28K miles is rediculous for what amounts to a prepaid service plan that you will most likely not use. I would save that $3700, make it work for you earning interest, and then tap into it if something goes wrong. I have owned no less than 25 cars in the last 20 years and never once had the use for an "extended warranty" aka a prepaid service plan. Many will call it peace of mind but that's extremely expensive peace.