: Auto folding side mirrors

11-19-12, 12:58 PM
Was this an option in previous year models? It doesn't appear to be an option in tje 2013 unless I'm looking in the wrong spot.


Bah, I should have searched this instead of posting. Just answered my own question via google. Sorry for the spam post.

Turbo Dude
11-19-12, 05:38 PM
Love it pulling in the garage.

11-20-12, 02:59 PM
If I only had one to use... Currently, someone has been living in my guest house/garage. I drive a luxury vehicle and have to leave it outside to deal with the Midwest environment. Beyond sad heh

Mike Grasso
11-21-12, 09:18 PM
There is a switch to manually do them, it doesn't seem to be an option to have it done automatically...

2013 SRX Premium

11-22-12, 09:40 AM
As far as I know, the only automatic setting for the mirrors is to angle them down while in reverse. They do NOT fold in automatically. On the mirror adjustment button, you must hold the DOWN Arrow down for a few seconds and they will retract.

11-23-12, 01:21 PM
How would "automatic" folding mirrors work? Would they fold whenever you shift to "P"? If so, what about those times when you want to temporarily park with the engine running and don't want the mirrors to fold? I use the folding mirrors "almost" always, but there are times I explicitly don't want them to fold. I think a manual switch is the best option.


11-23-12, 03:09 PM
They could probably add auto folding mirrors with just a software change and allow you to enable or disable it with the CUE system. Folding when you put it in park makes sense and then let you unfold them using the manual switch that folds them now.