View Full Version : Joe you are a Cadillac HERO!!

11-19-12, 12:39 AM
Cruisin' eBay and came across this. Read the description and figured it was a decent car, and then I got to the link to Joes site. Man, I wish I had the money :D


You rule Joe! Keep it up!!

11-19-12, 10:07 AM
Midwest Cadillac Repair is and has been one of the most recommended Northstar shops in CF for quite a while - Find the thread in Northstar performance that has "XXX Northstars repaired" or something close for a title. Joe Blau. Straight shooter and a stand up guy.

11-19-12, 10:50 AM
I think he is over 231 now.

11-19-12, 12:33 PM
:yeah: He's over 230 for sure, last time I checked. Just makes my day. Some of my favorite cars and he's doin' his darndest to keep 'em on the road :D