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11-18-12, 08:07 PM
I bought a "Neo" kit for an ipod hook up in our 2011 STS. I wanted to run the cable to the inside the console. How can I find how to take the console out in a step by step process or video, if possible?
I'm a bit intimidated with the rear heater, power outlet & speaker in the back of the console, and not to disregard the audio/video hookup inside of it.
I would have to cut a good size hole into the console to allow the ipod end of the wire into the console, so maybe that wouldn't be the best solution
I would appreciate any secondary location suggestions for this ipod, it will not fit into either ashtrays.

Thanks to all

11-18-12, 08:11 PM
Neo? I'm only aware of the isimple / upac for our cars.

11-18-12, 11:16 PM
Console removal is fairly straight forward. I might be able to post some pics in a few days, but I won't have time until then. Hopefully you can follow my description.

1. Open the center console armrest.

2. There is a trim piece that overlaps the edges of the wood panel around the center console. This extends rearward to the armrest lid. Gently lift up, starting at the center console storage area and work forward. There are a total of six clips that snap downward into the center console. With this trim removed, you can now close the center console lid again.

3. With the trim removed in step #2, simply lift the wood trim panel from around the shifter. It is not secured with any fasteners.

4. At the front of the console you'll need to pull the carpet down on each side to pop it out from underneath the center console. It extends up underneath the console by about an inch.

5. There are three multi-conductor connectors you'll need to separate. They are located just forward of the console under the dash. These are accessible with the carpet pulled back. There should be two on the right side and one on the left (1 BLUE - Left Side, 1 GREEN - Right Side and 1 GRAY - Right Side). Press the release tab and pull the connector apart.

6. Once the connectors are separated, you'll find 4 bolts (2 per side). These are 10mm and secure the front of the center console in place. Remove all four 10mm bolts.

7. Move both front seats forward as far as possible.

8. You'll need to pull the rear carpet down from under the console in a manner similar to the front. If this has never been done, the carpet will be stiff and this may require some persistence. You only need to pull the sides from under the console, not the carpet covered by the rear of the console.

9. With the carpet pulled away, you'll find 4 additional bolts (2 per side). These are also 10mm and secure the rear of the center console in place. Remove all four 10mm bolts.

10. Move both front seats rearward, at least half way.

11. Lift up the rear of the center console slightly and slide rearward a few inches.

12. You can now lift the entire center console up and out of the car. The shifter is bolted to the floor and will remain in place.

13. Reassembly is completed in reverse.

Good luck with your endeavors.

11-19-12, 03:50 PM
I first read about the upac's I believe on this site and was happy to know of them. after doing more research I found the "Neo Gateway" check out icarkits.com for more info. This system seemed better to me.


Thank you for all that. I appreciate any pictures you have. should I buy a plastic trim removal tool? where would you suggest putting the Ipod when connected?


11-19-12, 03:59 PM
It's the same thing under another name.

11-19-12, 11:13 PM
Thank you for all that. I appreciate any pictures you have. should I buy a plastic trim removal tool? where would you suggest putting the Ipod when connected?
For this you really don't need a trim removal tool. I'm not sure how big this device is so it's hard for me to advise on placement. One thing to consider is that there are two antennas mounted in the center console. You'll want to consider not placing any electronic device near them that may generate electrical or RF noise (I assume you're talking about the interface module). Once I get a chance to post some pics, you'll see where they are mounted and what they look like. Pics probably won't be until Friday or Saturday. Weekdays are extremely hectic for me.

11-20-12, 09:23 PM
I routed my uPAC-STS iPod cable & HD Radio antenna to my glovebox. At least it's big enough for them!

11-21-12, 09:46 PM
I know I couldn't believe how small the glove box is. I took the bag of "glovebox" stuff from our old grand marquis, pushing it into the sts and barely half of the stuff fit in.

11-21-12, 09:49 PM
GM is simply holding true to the name. It is (literally) about big enough to hold a pair of gloves :/

11-21-12, 10:25 PM
I need to take the nav. out to attach the "neo" module and wires to the back of the radio. I did catch a video on that trim removal and will need the trim removal tools for the nav. removal. My dilemma is where to run the cable that hooks to the bottom of the ipod. I was going to put it in the console, thats why I needed help removing it. some other thoughts are to run that cable into the front ashtray leaving an extra length and lay it behind the steering wheel at the instrument panel, or sitting on the forward part of the console. I was also trying to find a nice ipod mount for the car. I want the cable to be mostly hidden, especially when not in use. I also won't be leaving it in the car. It also needs to be hooked up easily from the drivers seat.
I wanted to get a do it yourself repair manual, that covers soup to nuts, that explains step by step with pictures. also a manual explaining how to take interior panels, doors, dashboard, seats ect. out. for the STS, is there anything out there like that.


11-21-12, 10:38 PM
You want the shop manual or a subscription to Alldata. The manual is available from Helm in DVD & dead tree versions.

It can be tricky getting the Nav/Radio back in due to the bulky connectors & wiring. I've got a Lockpick and the uPAC so mine is really tight. I fianlly used a length of string threaded behind the dash to hold the wiring and connectors in place while connecting the short GPS antrenna wire and jockeying the NAV into position.

Take care with the connectors. They are all locking with release tabs.

11-23-12, 08:15 PM
I would prefer a hard copy. most important is the one that will cover more things and explain the steps. again, do these repair manuals include the interior items like we are discussing nav, radio, door locks, seats ect or am I looking at a second repair book, if so what is the names this book goes by? (like... interior as opposed to engine repairs)
was your upac for an ipod? if so where did you run the connecting end of the wire to?

11-24-12, 06:31 PM
Helm provides the the full 3-volume soup-to-nuts shop manual that contains absolutely everything about the car. Procedures, TSB's, recalls, everything. It ought to for $600.

Ask DDalder for confirmation.

11-24-12, 06:37 PM
Helm currently lists the 2011 STS shop manual set for $200.00 (paper version). This is year specific, but will have everything the OP wants. DVD is another option, covers more vehicles/years but Helm wants $250 for this.

11-24-12, 09:21 PM
Oops. My mistake!

11-26-12, 05:23 AM
still too expensive for the "basic" repair guy like me.


I'm just a "basic" repair guy brakes, tune ups, hoses, belts. I guess the soup to nuts is out of my league. so with that in mind and interior removal like dash, and doors what's out there for me? is that 2 separate do it yourself books or dvd's?

11-26-12, 06:16 AM
I just go with the alldatadiy.com subscription like $30? for a 5 year or 3 year access to your year and engine only there are deals on the web for different amounts of time and discounts.
its close to the 'soup to nuts' guide but requires internet access to use, not downloadable, and impossible to bookmark certain things as links change all the time.