View Full Version : Outer Tie Rod Ends... stuck

11-18-12, 02:24 PM

I am looking for some help. I have a 98 Deville and I am trying to replace the out tie rod ends. There's lots of threads on this but I don't see any that address my situation.

My tie rod ends don't have a jam nut. Part of the tie rod end is bolt shaped so you can put an open end wrench on it, but you can't turn it until you have popped the end out of the knuckle (Everybody else seems to have a jam nut). I can't get the end to turn off the threaded shaft of the inner. I am trying to hold the inner at a flat spot with a 10 inch vice grips but I can't hold it tight enough to break the end free. I have a big pipe wrench on the end but the metal just starts to shred at the flat spot on the inner turning everything. I tried torching the end with a MAP torch until it was red hot, but that didn't seem to do anything. If this has happened to anybody else, I would really like to know how you finally got the ends off.


11-18-12, 05:21 PM
I better not quit my day job.

I do have jam nuts, they were just so rusty they looked like one piece. After this was pointed out to me they came right off.