View Full Version : Factory & Era correct Wheel options for a 1992 DeVille....?

11-18-12, 05:03 AM
I got a car with factory wheels that make me think of an older year, I dont know if the car came with these or not... and I dont like them. Now that I have to get tires all the way around anyway, what other options are there for wheels that look nice that were available back in the early 90's for a DeVille...?

These are the wheels I have now:


Is there a list or a page I can see what might have been around and available...? I like the lacy ones, I've had those before, if anyone knows the names of those and any other options, I'd really appreciate it. Or what year cars fit the same wheels. I've learned that if you know what a wheel is called, and you're patient and keep checking, between Craigslist and Ebay, you can eventually find something close by, cheap, or like new, if you keep watching...

Thank you in advance! (BTW, what are the ones I have called?)

11-18-12, 09:35 AM
Get to that car, model and year in the 2012 catalog in www.wheelcollision.com . Click on the little pictures for a larger shot. Try to find the car's RPO build list - that will have the wheel/brake/suspension options built into that particular car. Maybe - just maybe - the RPO data is still in www.compnine.com .(The guys up in the proper Deville forums can help)