: Added 4 winter shoes

11-16-12, 04:47 PM
I had just taken delivery of my AWD XTS on Monday of this week, and then decided to add winter tires to it. I purchased 4 Hankook Winter I-Cept W310 tires and had the dealer mount and balance them. They will store my stock tires for the winter, so I won't have to haul them back and forth, which is a great service. Only had them on a couple days and I can state they are quiet. :). I added these for my winter travels over the snow covered mountains and to my home in the high desert. I will report back here on how they perform this winter. I read a number of owner reviews that were positive. I replaced an SUV with the XTS.

11-16-12, 10:53 PM
i hope you have it in writing. Could be just me but i wouldn't be surprised if come spring they won't remember storing the tires for you.

11-17-12, 12:46 AM
It is indeed in writing. I know the owners of the dealership, so no worries.