: Iceolator

11-16-12, 03:54 PM
Anyone have any personal reviews? I don't plan on doing a dyno on the car, just want to feel the power.

11-17-12, 09:32 AM
Yep. Well worth it. I'm running the RX Extreme Ice-olator, their ported TB, and the Airaid CAI I got from them. The logic behind the Ice-olator is sound (heat reduces horsepower) and its tangible (put your hand on the plenum after driving both with and without the Ice-lator). Without a doubt you feel the increased power in your butt-dyno. Also, and probably more importantly, get their catch-can. It's amazing and sad that they come from the factory (I have 2011 CTS coupe) ingesting that much oil.

11-19-12, 07:39 PM
Get it! You must get the catch can as well, if you dont I think you will have problems in the future. I just installed the isolator this past week end. It makes a differance for sure. I believe someone is doing a dyno test on there CTS4 on these forums.

11-22-12, 12:21 PM
Hate to be the guy, but the search function works wonders. And no posted dyno tests so far, to my knowledge.

11-22-12, 12:43 PM
Can the iceolator and the TB be used on a non di engine?

11-22-12, 01:57 PM
Used the search function but found a 12 page penis contest. Just wanted straight up answer.

11-23-12, 05:05 PM
Plenty of dyno results by several end users and other vendors. All show a solid 20 rwhp and 25-28 rwtq, but any are welcome to verify on their own. The LY7 we have them for but have NOT done much dyno testing on them, but the ones done saw nearly as much in gains. The LY7 we do NOT have the TB released for. Demand is low for it and the expense involved to perfect it is high.....but it is still on the back burner.

The dyno tests in the begining were done in Sarasota FL by Kesatie Motorsports and showed 20 rwhp/25 rwtq on a basic stock 3.6 DI with no mods and no tune. This was an A-B-A-B test (baseline 3 runs, after 3 runs, back to no iceolator, and then back again to eliminate any unknowns). Then JDP Motorsports in Utah (quite a bit different elevation, different dyno, differnt car) with 20 rwhp & 28 rwtq, and Mike Norris Motorsports in Indy with 20 rwhp and 25 rwtq.

There are a bunch of others if you Google search that people have posted. The penis contest is an unfortunate part of those that call BS to anything they have not personally done and is sad to muddy stuff up.

Also search the Mace products that are very similar and similar results in Australia with the GM 3.6 based Holdens, etc.


Panzer Leader
11-25-12, 07:43 PM
Make one for the 3.0 V6.