: What Should I Discuss with Dealer Upon Delivery?

11-15-12, 04:05 PM
One thing I have learned over many decades of new car purchasing is to test drive the car BEFORE paying for it and taking delivery. From your experiences in general and also specifically relating to the XTS, what should I review or discuss with the dealer when I go next week to pick up my Platinum?

11-15-12, 05:15 PM
Like you, I have been buying cars, trucks and motorcycles for decades. I have never had to "test drive" my purchase before I forked over the money. I would check the purchase over visually so as to note any obvious problems. There was never one discovered. Guess I've been lucky?? With the XTS, the dealer forgot to give me the OnStar account number which was easy to get by pushing the OnStar button. When you order a car or a truck or a bike, you have contracted with the dealer to purchase said product. So I'm not sure what your "test drive" does for you? At any rate, pick up your XTS; it's a beautiful vehicle [I love mine]. Now the fun begins-learning how to operate all the neat gizmos in the car. I'm still learning, but even though it's not all figured out, I have a smile on my face when I drive her down the road!

11-15-12, 06:14 PM
I would as how many software recalls have been installed? I think they are up to 6 now. The last was for the memory seat positions and airbags (again).