: Rear end Vibration

Rich Walker
11-15-12, 11:20 AM
I own a 2010 SRX with 61k. The stock Michelin Lattitude tires were just shy of the wear bar so I decided to get new ones. The ride up to this point was excellent. Alignment and balance was good and all 4 tires wore evenly throughout their life. I put on the new Michelins and all of a sudden I have a vibration in the rear end from 45-80 mph. We rebalanced all four tires. Same rear end vibration. We rotated the tires per spec in the manual and I am still getting the same rear end vibration. My tire dealer suggested we go to the comparable Bridgestones. We did and went through the same process all over again with rebalancing and rotation. Same rear end vibration. I went to the Cadillac dealer. They checked the rear suspension rebalanced tires and rotated as well. Same rear end vibration.

Any suggestions or similar stories? Help!


11-18-12, 09:51 AM
Have you had a 4 wheel alignment done recently? If balancing, rotating, and changing tires did not help, something might be out of alignment. I had trouble with the OEM Michelins. They could not balance them and I let them true the tires. I should have insisted on replacing them, but they talked me into the Turing procedure as the mileage was a little over 12,000. Unless the give me some warranty help with replacements I will not buy the OEM tires again.

Good luck

11-18-12, 10:57 AM
Rich Walker...

If everything was fine before you put on new tires, it would be my feeling that something went wrong at the tire shop..I would check the wheels to see if one or more got damaged during install of new tires. Another thing you might try, ask the dealer if you could take two tires off of another vehicle and try that. If you still have the vibration, then it is the suspension system, damaged some how in the installation. Just my thought process...Good luck....


01-16-13, 10:14 PM
Just curious...have you figured out the issue?