: Gforce performance chip $69

11-15-12, 06:36 AM
Has anyone tried one of these?


11-15-12, 07:25 AM
Can't say I have, and I know I never will. Just go with Trifecta Tune. Spend the extra couple bucks and know its proven and is custom tailored to your cars setup. Do a search for it, and I guarantee you find more than enough info.

11-15-12, 09:46 AM
This falls under the too good to be true area. Why is it other well-known companies charge more for their tunes? The answer is because of the R&D involved. Most of these knock-off chips like this alter a few parameters in the ECU which doesn't improve anything, or doesn't account for all the possible conditions the engine can see.

This is like the resistors people used to put in on their IAT sensor to trick the ECU in thinking it was colder out. The ECU looks at all the other parameters and will essentially ignore one (or set the MIL) if they don't all add up.

The other risk with these types of chips is that they don't set parameters for the entire fuel map. For each RPM and load on the engine along with ambient temp, intake air temp, pressure, etc. the ECU will have a different fuel map it calls on to provide the fuel the engine needs. So a cold engine, high load high RPM will have a different "setting" than say a hot engine, high load, low RPM condition. The tuners that do this well account for all possible scenarios. These knock-off tuner companies will just change the A/F ratio through fuel across the board and hope it accounts for all of these different conditions.

You get what you pay for.

11-15-12, 07:10 PM
no. just no.

11-16-12, 09:01 AM
If you like snake oils go for that ;)