: 2012 SEMA Show / RECAP

Dr. Design
11-14-12, 08:11 PM
The D3 Group Has Strong Showing at SEMA 2012

Signal Hill CA, November 7, 2012, The D3 Group had another great year showing at SEMA. Las Vegas, NV. The ever-popular SEMA Show saw another year of growth with the top manufacturers of aftermarket products all in attendance. D3 set out to accomplish two things this year, continue to show their creative expertise in design and to debut new product, both were done with success.

D3 debuted the D3 Aero Kit for the ATS at SEMA 2012. The D3 ATS was featured in the Mobile 1 booth located outside the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The D3 ATS drew a lot of attention with the aero kit including the front bumper, side skirts with optional air foil, rear roof spoiler and the rear deck lid spoiler. The D3 ATS also debuted the air intake system to increase HP to the already quick vehicle. D3 partnered with Recaro to install the CS Sportster seat to give the driver the added stability and comfort when driving under extreme track conditions. The vehicle was fitted with 19” Rays 57 Extremes wheels and Toyo Proxes 4 Plus tires. The D3 ATS was rated in the top 3 of Rides Magazine Best Cars of SEMA 2012.

The D3 SRX Newport Edition Wide-Body Kit made its U.S. debut this year at SEMA. The D3 SRX was a feature vehicle in front of the South Hall, which was easily spotted in the sea of sport cars. The wide-body kit included the front spoiler add-on, fender flares, side skirts with optional side step and the rear apron. The D3 SRX kit keeps the elegance of the vehicle, but adds to the already defined lines and gives them a more distinct custom look. D3 partnered with CEC Wheels to outfit the SRX with a set of Liquid Chrome 22” c826 wheels on Toyo Tires Proxes ST II to complete the look and give the vehicle the added elegance it deserves.

The D3 Group’s design exercise started with the matte lime green CTS-V Coupe affectionately named “Operation Ivy” that was featured in the Dub booth. The D3 Operation Ivy CTS-V Coupe was wrapped in a matte lime green finish with black accents to the hood, roof and trunk. The vehicle featured the D3 CTS-V Coupe Aero Kit complete with front lip spoiler, side skirts with optional air foils, rear diffuser and rear blade wing. Operation Ivy was not only aesthetically pleasing, it also was built with the D3 Stage 4 Tuner Kit, with all D3 parts boasting 700+HP. The CTS-V Coupe was sitting on 20” Nutek 508 Series Wheels with Toyo Proxes T1R tires.

Making its second trip to SEMA was D3’s CTS-V Coupe “Legionnaire” and was a featured vehicle in the Toyo Tire booth. This year’s version was fitted with the new D3 Carbon Fiber Splitter and the D3/JRI Competition Coilover System. The coilover system is D3’s latest offering for the serious racer or daily driver that is looking for a suspension system that can handle extreme track conditions, but versatile enough for daily street driving. The coilover system is fully adjustable for ride height preference and has multiple choices of spring rates to get the perfect drivability to fit accommodate any driver’s preference. The Legionnaire was fitted with both street and race wheels, to show that you can race this car all weekend, swap the wheels and drive it work on Monday. The street wheels were 20” Forgeline DE3C Concave Series on Toyo Proxes T1R tires and the race wheels were 19” Forgeline GA3 Performance Series (Step Lip) in classic race gold finish on Toyo R888 Tires.

The D3 built “Night Hawk” CTS-V Sedan was featured in the Race Ramps booth in South Hall. The Night Hawk is a fully prepped road race vehicle, which was built by D3 with the track in mind only. The vehicles performance is based off the Stage 4 Tuner Performance Kit by D3 with over 700HP. The Night Hawk has all the interior removed to reduce weight and was fitted with Recaro Pole Position race seats. The vehicle also has the D3 CTS-V Sedan Aero Kit installed complete with front lip spoilers with optional carbon fiber front lip splitter, air foils, rear diffuser and the D3/APR Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Race Wing. The Night Hawk is also wrapped in matte black vinyl to give it the look that fits its name. The vehicle has the D3 “square wheel” set up and fitted with Toyo Tire RS1 race slicks.

Also at SEMA was the D3 built WPA CTS-V Sedan Race Car that participates in the Cadillac Challenge and was invited to compete in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational on Saturday following the end of SEMA. The vehicle and driver competed in series of challenges to test both the driver’s skill and the vehicles performance capabilities. The completion was amongst the top built performance street cars from around the US and world. The D3 built and prepped WPA CTS-V Sedan races on Toyo R888 tires.

D3 partnered with many companies to make SEMA 2012 a show to remember. The partners not mentioned earlier include Cadillac, Borla Exhaust Systems, GoPro Cameras, NEO Synthetic Oils, MSD Ignition, Adams Polishes, Sign Methods Inc., and Cadillac Race.com. All the mentioned partners made SEMA an enjoyable time working with them to partner with and develop the top aftermarket products and builds.

About The D3 Group

Headquartered in Signal Hill, CA less than 5 minutes from Long Beach Airport - The D3 Group has been at the cutting edge of technology and design since the inception of the V Series in 2005. D3’s product development has grown to become world’s only full line tuning program for Cadillac. The D3 Tuning Program encompasses power kits, competition track ready suspension kits and functional competition aerodynamic components that can be seen the world over competing in various levels of motorsport and racing. For more information on The D3 Group’s Cadillac Tuning Program please visit www.d3cadillac.com


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Dr. Design
D3 Cadillac

03-03-13, 03:02 PM
Do you guys have width and offset information anywhere on those wheels on the ats? That's a pretty aggressive setup you have on there, I'm looking for something close to that, maybe a little less aggressive on the rear.

D3 Outlet
03-04-13, 02:37 PM
Do you guys have width and offset information anywhere on those wheels on the ats? That's a pretty aggressive setup you have on there, I'm looking for something close to that, maybe a little less aggressive on the rear.

That rear set up is a 10.5 wide wheel.The ideal width for a factory suspension set is 9.5" wide wheel. Are you interested om the same exact wheel on our ATS just with less aggressive fitment? Or are you open to going to a different brand? Please advise, Please feel free to contact me directly at ro.rosario@d3groupinc.com, Thank you!

03-04-13, 05:16 PM
I actually don't really care for that wheel at all, I do like the fitment however (maybe not so much poke in the back)

I was curious on the wheel specs to get an idea of what's out there.

I plan on lowering first though, as soon as a real coilover setup is available (any word on your setup)?

I've been wondering if I can get away with a 9.5 inch wheel on all 4 corners with 255 tires. I'm guessing a 35mm offset would be fairly aggressive, but not sure if that's too far.

Also haven't decided if I want to stick with 18s or go to 19s.