: replaced the cps, still won't start

11-14-12, 01:58 PM
Hello. I've been having issues with my 2001 cadillac catera not starting. It will crank just fine, just wont start. The issue has been going on about 3 weeks now. I was leaving work one night and it didn't start. I got a ride home, came back the next day and it started just fine. That lasted about 3 days. Finally got it to start one day and it ran really rough. Shut it off and tried it again, nothing. I have been trying to almost daily and it still wont start. I replaced the fuel filter and the cps and was hoping for a difference. Still nothing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

11-14-12, 02:09 PM
Before you throw any more parts at it, have your codes pulled, and check for spark and fuel pressure.

12-07-12, 06:01 PM
Im having a similar problem but by car will not even crank over. New battery - power 12v to the starter-- checked with a multimeter and power/12v at the alternator... Im lost please assist.

12-07-12, 08:24 PM
try the crankshaft senor, it's right next to the oil filter

12-07-12, 08:27 PM
Did you measure 12 volts with the key in the start position (I.e. under load) Even a totally bad battery can measure 12 volts without a load. Just last week, on our other car, I had an argument about the warranty on my battery when the car wouldn't start. They kept insisting it must be my starter, etc because they measure 12 volts. Of course, when they finally gave in and replaced the battery, the car started right up.

Check and clean you connections and remember even a new battery can be bad.

12-09-12, 06:49 PM
yes, I had the key rockered to the ON/start position... I have power to the dashboard, lights, etc... except, I noticed that the OIL/PSI needle is the only needle that doesnt move on the dash. 12V at the starter and alternator; checked and cleaned the oil pressure sensor and the oil pressure switch... and still, I get no action out of the starter... could it be that the Starter Solenoid is bad? Can I just replace the soleniod? or do I have to replace the whole starter unit?. If so, gosh - I cant even get a wrench up under there!~ geez - how does one remove the starter on this car?