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11-14-12, 01:26 PM
New member and first time poster. I just picked up an 2013 SRX yesterday (ordered on 10.10.12) and after reading there may be some issues with connectivity to an iPhone 5 I decided to wipe my 4 and load it up with music only for use in the vehicle. .CUE detected the device without any issues, however when viewing albums, artists, genre, and playlists the sections were initially blank. After driving for a few minutes I checked again and a few of the artists starting with A showed up. Does the system take a while to index the iPhone/iPod/etc? Music played fine and I was able to change tracks and the metadata associated with the track displayed correctly including album cover. But, the playlists, etc remained empty. Any other CUE users seeing the same thing?

Btw, this is my first luxury/"near luxury" vehicle. So far I'm a very happy driver.

11-14-12, 07:58 PM
Welcome & congrats on your purchase.
Thanks for choosing GM.

I don't have CUE, so I don't have a clue.

11-14-12, 08:23 PM
Most of the reviews I've read on CUE think that the processor is antiquated making the experience slow and sluggish. I have no personal experience with it, however.

11-14-12, 09:15 PM
I had a similar experience with my Android phone. I have 3000+ contacts and when the SRX asked permission to import them I was hesitant but it was not going to give up and I finally said yes. It only imported ones with names but it did do all of those. I tried Pandora for the first time today and it took a while to get started but after 5 minutes it was playing music that I had chosen. I was really surprised that it did all of the over bluetooth.

11-14-12, 11:56 PM
Well it appears it took a while to index my iPhone. I think I have around 800 or 900 songs on it (apple lossless) and I can't imagine having 15k lol. Everything is there including playlists. I did notice something else. The system will start playing where you left off as soon as the car is turned back on. I was amazed how quickly the track started playing. One snag though. Say you started out your drive with a playlist and turn off the vehicle or (I'm assuming) cue and come back. It will still have the last track playing, but not the original playlist. It will be a listing of songs from the last artist only. It's odd the system boots back to a "new list" instead of the iTunes playlist you started out with. I tend it have a mix of artists in a playlists and enjoy random play. Now I get random play from tracks from the same artist.

This should be a pretty easy fix in the software. I need to see if I can find an email address for CUE support at gm and see what they have to say.


Forgot to mention no luck with pandora so far, but I read in the manual I needed an account. I'll get to that when I get a chance. Next on my list is getting favorites setup.


I'm not sure if its hardware yet. It's not ipad 4 fast, but it's decently responsive to me. I didnt expect ultra fast response times from apps. i can be far more tolerable with a car's computer than a desktop/laptop/pad/server/etc. It's an arm 11 tri core CPU and Linux as the OS which tends to run fast even on mediocre hardware. I wish I knew how much ram and what is handling graphical duties. At this point in time, I'm guessing the applications may need to optimized. Hard to say until we get access to performance stats in the OS. I'm sure that isn't happening anytime soon. Hmm now I wonder what the OS and apps are residing on storage wise. The internal HDD I'm assuming, but could be wrong.

Huey Driver
11-15-12, 02:22 PM
Good point, linux makes anything run fast. I have 10 year old laptops running linux/X-windows that blow the doors off Windows, with so little memory that windows wouldnt even install... Its an uneducated judgement to assume its hardware right off the bat.
And I know what you meant by internal storage, but I would think that the internal hard 'disk' is probably a solid state drive... It may not be the top of the line in access times, which might cause some apps to load with a slight delay, but run normally once in the processor...

11-16-12, 11:35 AM
The four times in four vehicles that I test drove/played with, CUE has been appropriately fast. Its not lightning, but its not slow. There is a small delay once you touch something before it kicks it up. (Maybe a half second)

Huey Driver
11-16-12, 12:06 PM
about what I experienced with the ATS I had. to point out tho, there NEEDS to be some delay, so the system can ensure that the selection was intended, and not an inadvertent bump. Thats one of the reasons people think it appears slow... I'm sure some users have expectations, but the people who design them know these things. And if every time a someone ran a hand past the screen, it changed the station playing, there'd be moaning to the highest levels.

11-16-12, 04:32 PM
The four times in four vehicles that I test drove/played with, CUE has been appropriately fast. Its not lightning, but its not slow. There is a small delay once you touch something before it kicks it up. (Maybe a half second)

Was forced to take my first road trip today between Indy and KY. Shitty considering I was trying to follow the recommended engine burn in stuff up to 500 miles. Nothing like traveling behind semis the whole time going between 63-68 with very brief bursts up to an almost speed of light 70-72MPH!

Anyway, I think CUE's responsiveness was solid and so was the performance of the entire system overall. Except, right before I got to indy I was trying to make a phone call and my iphone became unpaired to the BT adapter and then after I was having some weird issues with playlist functionality. I tried to fix this on the fly err road. Rebooting both my iphone 5 and my iphone4 (used for ipod duties only and USB attached), power cycling cue, and unpairing my 5 (can't do since I was driving). After I got home I dumped my 5 from the paired devices, repaired, and all is fine in the world. I've had similar issues with a garmin GPS in my old ride. *sigh* BT still not perfect. "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time"

Overall though, im happy as hell with this vechicle. Rides great, very quiet, and solid CUE system. Granted I'm coming from a 2004 mazda 6 LOL. I think a new red rider wagon and a mounted iPad might be just as nice in comparison ;)