: Bar Codes on rear/side windows...?

11-14-12, 12:19 AM
Just wondering...they're not rental car bar codes...I'm kinda confused as to what they are. They aren't QR Codes either. Any insight?

11-14-12, 01:15 AM
I seem to remember having heard some years ago that you could get that done aftermarket to make the parts traceable and therefore less valuable to thieves. Not sure though.

11-14-12, 01:50 AM
I know that my Lexus has a VIN sticker on every body panel. Its a special type of sticker that you basically have to sand off and repaint to remove all traces of it. Supposed to reduce theft and make stolen parts easier to track. For second hand buyers its a real easy way to tell if the car has been wrecked.

11-14-12, 09:07 AM
Big bar code patch - about 3 X 3 ? Automatic toll checker.

Some (E Z Pass) use a transponder mounted near the inside rear view mirror.

11-14-12, 10:39 AM
I should have specified, sorry, it's generally on the rear passenger (or rear portion if a coupe) side window, it's literally a barcode of sorts. It's some 3 X 3 perhaps? Submariner, could that be it?

11-14-12, 03:51 PM
That's what it IS. Toll credit card.

12-04-12, 03:27 PM
i was told by HITMONEY (once a member here with an awesome black DTS) that it was used to gain entry into gated type communities or gated apartment complexes. As you drive in, the barcode is scanned which verifies at least the vehicle if not the owner and grants entry

12-04-12, 03:50 PM
Would a Smartphone or tablet with a barcode reader app tell you what it says? I'm loading a QR/Barecode app on my new Samsung 10 Note tablet. Even business cards are showing up with coding these days.

12-05-12, 05:36 PM
Hey guys, I found out what it was...I live near the town of Long Beach, NY and they use those "barcodes" to cross one of the bridges leading out of town. It's like an EZ Pass.