: SRX2010 fuse designation

11-13-12, 10:43 AM
Where I can find description/designation for each fuse.for example fuse BCM 7 what line it protecting
I am looking fuse for right turn signal

11-13-12, 11:25 AM
The FSM has everything you will ever need. Whats the problem with the left signal?

11-13-12, 12:44 PM
Thanks for answer.where I can find FSM.book with car have not full description, it show BCM 5, BCM 6, but no description in what circuit these fuses

Bulb is ok but fuse blow out and service tell me they replace fuse and I like to know fuse location .It is happen second time in 3 weeks and I think this fuse protected something else

11-14-12, 11:55 AM
Who knows designation BCM#7 fuse on SRX 2010

11-14-12, 12:27 PM
I am pretty sure that there is a chart in your owners manual with these designations. If you do not have the manual they are available on the Cadillac website.

11-14-12, 12:43 PM
No, in owner manual it show just BCM7 fuse location, but I would like to know designation

11-14-12, 05:31 PM
You are correct. The owners manual lists BCM 1 to BCM 8 but skips BCM 7. The 2009 owners manual lists BCM 7 as CLOCK Switch Dimming, Analog Clock. Unless someone can come up with a better idea you might have to get someone at a dealership to search the shop manual.

11-15-12, 07:00 AM
In owners manual we can find BCM1-BCM8 location but I am looking description/designation of each BCM fuse, what protecting each fuse