: Wheel Snow Cables for the SRX

T Silva
11-12-12, 06:56 PM
Im new to the SRX family and need Snow Chains. The owners manual says cant use tire chains. The Cad Dealer says Cables are OK. Don't want to screw-up my warrantyPep Boys carries a Super Z Lt (ZT 735) for my R20 wheels. Anyone have a similar issue? are these cables OK? When running on cables will I be required to turn any sensors? somebody please help......

11-13-12, 06:30 AM
The only thing i see with running cables, (or chains) is that the SRX has some tight clearances in the fenders, between the wheel and the struts. I seriously don't believe there is clearance for anything in there, and if there is, the first time you compress the tire through a hole or something could be enough to catch it on the strut.

A good set of winter tires is the best option for your SRX.

11-13-12, 04:32 PM

Don't put cables or chains on your srx, there is not enough clearnance. With front wheel drive you don't need chains......If can't make it with front wheel drive, you shouldn't be driving. I lived in snow country all life and i never had to put chains on any front wheel drive vehicle......

Don't do it!!!!!!!!