: New Cadillac owner 2009 CTS-V Washington state Some good pics of her before the mods

Lucas English
11-12-12, 12:41 AM
Excited new owner of a new 2009 CTS-V.

I picked it up from a family member in Tucson AZ and am driving it home to Washington state. Wish I could say I picked it up a a good price but it has sentimental value being my dads old car and I would like to complete his dream of a 10sec car in streetrim. This will not be a drag car though. Want to keep it a nice street car.

I have all ready order some eibach springs think .75 front lower and 1.5 rear.

1st mods are going to be.

Springs, Tinted windows and getting some wider tires on the rear. See people are doing 305s on stock wheels, EFI live tune. Already pulled the tune down and been looking but with out the dyno or WB I dont plan on touching the tune till I get home.

Here are some pics my awesome wife took so far on our trip.

Both of these were done in the Death Valley area.



11-12-12, 01:04 AM
Awesome....you are the A+ student of first posts! Beautiful car, beautiful photos, great story, and a great introduction. You will fit in fine with the gang here. Have a safe and fun journey home. Cadillac dreams....:cloud9:


11-12-12, 01:09 AM
Man that is a beautiful CTS-V. Thank you for sharing! Best of luck in the mods :D Welcome to the forums!!

11-12-12, 01:49 AM
Dude, gorgeous!

Funny, my family lives in Tucson and I live in Washington as well, Ellensburg.

Lucas English
11-12-12, 02:13 AM
Thanks guys for the kind words. Yes it is quite an amazing car. While I have faster cars then this noting I have ever driven is so nice to drive. Setting the cruse on 85mph and holding a normal conversation with my wife is awesome.

I will start a build thread in the 2009 + CTS-V section. once I at lest get it on the dyno and play with the tune.

When I was down there I met a few people from the NW. One thing I have learned about AZ is that no one that lives in AZ is from AZ.

11-12-12, 10:31 AM

Love the scenery! Nice shots.

11-12-12, 10:45 AM
Awesome! The only way to acquaint yourself with a V is a cross country drive!