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11-10-12, 10:01 AM
We finally made it to the dealer to check out the XTS in person yesterday. Since the Standard model does not include memory seats, I sat in a Luxury model fully expecting to take it for a test drive, but unfortunately we didn't get that far. The seats are luxurious (as the model so aptly states in its name), but I could not get the seat adjusted so that the headrest did not interfere with my normal posture. (This has been an issue for me since 2008 with the new head restraint regulation; some seats work for me and some don't.)

Next, I noticed that the seat thigh adjuster made the seat bottom too long for my legs. So, do you go back to the Standard model to get a traditional seat and give up the memory feature? In a 2-driver family, that is not an option. I'm curious as to why a basic feature such as memory seats is not on the basic model.

As for the CUE, I first noticed all the fingerprints on the dark screen. Yuck. Once power was turned on, of course the fingerprints are not visible, but I'm thinking, do I want to always be cleaning that screen? Also, do I want to purchase ugly . . . errrrr . . . "special" gloves to operate it in winter? Next, I played around a bit with the touch screen and found it to be less responsive than expected. Turning the volume up or down took at least a couple of swipes. Maybe I would get used to it. I realize there are some buttons on the steering wheel that can operate basic CUE functions, but if one is buying the new technology, might as well use it. (As for the iPad, while at first I was intrigued with the idea, I ultimately realized that if I wanted one I would have already bought one.)

After determining the seats were just too uncomfortable for me (5'4") and the technology would be something neither of us felt comfortable with, I sadly realized that after enjoying 8 Cadillacs over the last 20 years, we would not be driving a Cadillac next year when our CTS lease expires. (The 2013 ATS and CTS had their own issues that I won't go into here on the XTS forum.) I hope in a couple of years, we can come back to Cadillac.
(Please don't flame me too badly.)

11-10-12, 10:32 AM
I'm surprised there's a seat issue. But other than that, I agree with your CUE experience. For the power rangers here who keep the earth on its axis and rotating, having all that "connection" capability is an appropriate ego boost. But I find I usually get into the car, start it up and drive off, period. I don't make phone calls, don't constantly adjust the climate control, don't fiddle with the music (and if I do I have the steering wheel controls or I can feel my way across the dash and find the buttons and knobs. I can just imagine what havoc I'd provoke sliding my hand across the touch controls trying to find the right one for volume....). Were I to buy, I'd probably go for the Platinum. However, I don't like the computer screen dash. I don't need to change the display format every week and I'd be very concerned about washout depending on the ambient light. In the showroom I much preferred the clarity of the gage dash.

So were I in the market today, I'd have to toss aside the "advantage" of CUE, accept that the powertrain is not Cadillac unique, and recognize the $15K premium, and then ask is the Cadillac name and the XTS worth it over the LaCrosse?

11-12-12, 06:54 PM
Good points. But then, for a Cadillac owner, don't ever suggest they settle for not having a Cadillac script on the car. Never mind LaCrosse, and don't even mention Impala.

11-12-12, 10:08 PM
So, if Cadillac cannot meet ones needs, what are you suggesting?

flying fossil
11-13-12, 11:53 AM
Can you remove the headrests?
A friend of mine who is 5'3" did that with here Japanese car.

11-13-12, 12:05 PM
Headrests cannot be removed. They are part of an integral active head restraint system within the seat back. (At least that is my understanding.)

11-13-12, 01:05 PM
Why not try inflating your lumbar support and sitting in a position that the lumbar support does what it is designed for. Did that help? I hope it did. If not, take out the cushion you are sitting on :) I apologize; couldn't stop my typing fingers. Bad fingers!

11-18-12, 08:49 PM
I bought a2013 XTS Platinum for $56,000 (sticker was OVER $59,000) and just found out I may be getting payed off. Tried to trade it in and after three months found out the trade-in is between $43 and $46,000! The money lost taking it out the door is sickening! I wish I would have known then for I NEVER would have made such a bad decision to take a chance on it in the first place. Oh and the CUE system is super easy once learned but my Chevy truck had a better ride. Good luck if you buy one and are forced to sell it early. If you do know that resale value is as bad as the Korean heavily discounted Kia.

11-18-12, 09:44 PM
Trade-in does not equal actual value. Trade-in allows the dealer to make some money.

REAL value is what you get selling, private party. Which should be a few grand higher. Every car loses a few thousand driving it off the lot.

Not the car's fault.

11-18-12, 11:16 PM
Most people realize they will take a $10,000 hit on a true luxury car such Cadillac in the first year of driving a car off the lot.

11-19-12, 10:17 PM
It's gonna be more than $10k.

11-19-12, 11:29 PM
What's going on here? Is this the "Loss of Reality" show. Is this The Jay Leno Show asking young people "on the street" questions and receiving answers that reveal the incredible loss of brain cells in the last generation? Getting laid off is tough to handle, but it doesn't mean that you lose touch with reality. It doesn't matter what make, model, or color of a 3 month old car you have. If you want to trade or even sell, you know (deep down in your heart) that if that's the road you want to take that you are going to lose your arse!

11-20-12, 03:18 AM
Trade-in does not equal actual value. Trade-in allows the dealer to make some money.

REAL value is what you get selling, private party. Which should be a few grand higher. Every car loses a few thousand driving it off the lot.

Not the car's fault.

And, again, I'm right. The cheapest used XTS Platinum is listed for $54,825...