View Full Version : took the plunge... 18 x 12's with 345/30/18's

11-10-12, 12:19 AM
Well I am sure there are a few of u wanting some big meat on your rear...for my coupe, I am having some wheels made so we have more options for drag radials, because 19's suck for options, and 20's break the bank, not to mention no side wall for helpful launch.... They should be completed sometime in late Dec.... This is going to be such a tight fit.... So the combo will be 18x12 forgestar CF5's and BF Goodrich 345/30/18 which are 26.4" tall, same as factory ride height tires, so speedometer will still be correct :) hope all works out well with no/minimal modification..... I will keep everyone updated once the arrive and I get them mounted... Only thing I still need to get are tpms .... Anyone know of a cheap place for them?


Just re-read my post... First sentence sounds horrible... Laughing at myself for that statement.....

11-10-12, 12:51 AM
Yeah let us know how you like that big meat in your rear! LMFAO. No pictures please.

11-10-12, 08:18 AM
When I saw the title I came here hoping for pictures... but yeah after that first line.. No pics please lol.

But really where are the pics??

11-10-12, 11:05 PM
I just ordered them, as stated in first post... They will arrive in mid Dec, I will definitely post pics......of the wheels and tires.....lol...

11-11-12, 06:59 PM
Just busting your chops FSTMRFR. Post pictures of the wheels when you get them.

11-12-12, 06:59 AM
I know man...lol... I will definitely post pics.... I am sure lots of people want some thick rubber to take up the gap in there..... Nobody wants to feel inadequate...... Lol........ There us another for u to jump on bro....want pics of that too... Lol...

11-12-12, 03:24 PM
What's your biggest worry with the size choice? Would 18x11 have been a safer choice?

11-13-12, 03:46 PM
What's the your biggest worry with the size choice? Would 18x11 have been a safer choice?


11-13-12, 09:20 PM
What's your biggest worry with the size choice? Would 18x11 have been a safer choice?

I am worried the 18" barrel will hit the spring perch on the a-arm or IRS torque brase.... With the width because of the size... But we will see.... Tires on their way... Wheels in process of manufacturing...... Larger diameter will clear with the width because there is more clearance with the larger wheel diameter if all that makes since...

11-20-12, 11:21 PM
I ended up buying a set of Team Dynamics 18x10 rims for track use. These were the best price light weight wheels I found. I too had concerns due to suspension mods, but was very happy that they bolted right on. Plenty of clearance and no issues after three soild hard track weekends. 18x12 should work as long as they have the offset right. If you go to XWeapon's web site and look under wheels you will find the Team Dynamics wheels and the pics of the red V2 is mine. Good luck and look foward to the pics.

11-23-12, 10:22 AM
I will check it out... It's gonna be close... I should have wheels in the next two weeks... Still need to buy tpms though... Tires are patiently waiting in my garage for the wheels... They are freakin huge... 345/30/18 bf goodrich... :)