View Full Version : Finally a quicker way to clean whitewalls

11-09-12, 09:09 PM
OK I used to work in the construction industry around a lot of heavy equipment. We had a vendor that sold citrus solvent to clean asphalt from equipment. We'd spray it on at quitting time and rinse it off the next morning. I have a little left over in a spray bottle for cleaning the tough and grimey from underneath chassis parts etc. I'm always looking for an easier way to do something. Vogues are hell to clean with all of the V's molded into the whitewall along with tire specs in the whitewall. So I figured what the heck, give it a try. It doesn't take much, a little bit on an old piece of sock turned inside out. I get the tires wet first and start at the top. You don't need to spray it on the tire. To finish it up on the letttering I use a tooth brush, spray it on the brush not the tire or wheel. Make sure you thoroughly rinse the tire and rim with water. The are a ton of citrus solvent type cleaners on the market, check out amazon or just go down to the auto parts store. Something I tried is CRC engine cleaner, CITRUS. It works good also. Whatever product you use make sure you get it rinsed off real good and keep it off the paint and plastic lenses. If you have clear coat on your rims, DON'T use this stuff. Some of these products can turn clear coat and plastic lens to a milky white.