: Tilt and Telescoping Steering and Driver Seat Lumbar and Tilt stopped working - STS06

11-08-12, 03:27 AM
2006 STS-V

First I notice the telescoping steering column stopped working, but still had up and down control (not in and out), then next day I lost up and down when entering vehicle. When I got home, auto exit kicked in and steering wheel moved up. When I tried to move it down by click steering switch down, the driver side seat bottom started tilting up from the back. Then all the following stopped working:
-Steering wheel tilt and telescoping (neither manual nor auto entry or exit)
-Driver side seat bottom tilt (it moves front and back but not up or down)
-Driver side Lumbar support

Tried disconnecting battery for couple of hours, Seat Circuit Breaker pop in and out and checked DPM and Seat switches. All seem ok though. Switched 30 amp seat metal fuses from right to left fuse box still nothing.

Anyone had this or something similar happen? Any Ideas?