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11-07-12, 04:55 PM
Copied from Auto Guide.............

November 7, 2012
by Stephen Elmer

Cadillac is recalling about 180 XTS vehicles north of the border over issues with the rear seat headrest mechanisms.

After the rear seat headrests have been folded out, the mechanism may not lock them in the upright position, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. This recall only affects Canada at the moment, but like with many recalls, is likely to spread to the U.S. soon.

Dealers will inspect the headrest assembly, and replace it if necessary.

11-07-12, 07:17 PM
I wish they replace the front seat headrest as well. Either my neck is to short or it the most uncomfortable headrest in any car if owned. It seem to me the angle is to far forward or the headrest to thick. And yes I know you can adjust it by pressing the button on the side. But it still was not quite enough for my comfort on a long ride.

11-07-12, 11:00 PM
longslim, I've been complaining about the new government regulation on headrests since 2009. You and I are in the minority it seems. If it is any consolation, GM argued and was resistant to the strict 50mm backset, but to no avail. You just have to sit in and test drive a car to see if the seat formation is enough to adjust for the restrictive head restraint.

11-08-12, 03:29 PM
Very interesting. I almost did not buy my XTS because the headrest kept hitting my head on the test drive. Upon return to the dealer's lot, I played with the headrest and the seat angles, etc. No more problem. I am 5'10" and I like to be comfortable on long drives and I am. Play with it more; don't be afraid to grab that headrest and move it about!

11-08-12, 07:33 PM
Yep, all headrests have had to be addressed. The headrests in the '11 Town Cars and DTSs are ginormous!