View Full Version : Keyless 2009 CTS won't shut down.

11-07-12, 08:47 AM
This has happened a few times. The transmitter in the fob was replaced in June. Yesterday the car wouldn't shut off at all. Towed to Cadillac. It is becoming an unreliable expensive car... Anyone know anything about this? Was stuck at work for 3 hours last night....

11-15-12, 01:57 AM
Sorry, Bonnie, I feel bad that no one has answered you. You posted in an 'appearance' forum and you said 'CTS' and not 'CTS-V' so your post should probably have gone here: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/2008-cadillac-cts-general-discussion/

I would think that a competent tech could figure this one out pretty quickly. How did it turn out?