: CKP & OP Sensors AND Oil Filter Adapter Sealing, Servicing - Candidate 4 Sticky

11-06-12, 01:23 AM
I'm going to need to get some advice on how to submit my "How to". I'm over 15000 characters, and I am not able to load photos in the document so that they can be seen in order.
Any tips?

11-06-12, 09:31 AM
Sit tight - I'll send this and a note down to the Admin/Moderator queue - maybe the site administrators have some info ..............

............. meanwhile, go to Discussions, Item Specific and look at the threads in Cadillac Tech Tips. You should be able to put the thread there. You may have to reduce the picture file size and also do some searching for "how to" post multiple pictures, in order, within a thread. (That is NOT one of my areas of expertise !)

Your picture size ^^^ is about 260kb - you need to reduce that significantly - we're limited to 19mb of attachment space, and pictures like that eat up your allotment.

A thought - create your own "Tech Tip" in some online storage site and simply post a link to it in Cadillac Tech Tips..........You would not be the first.

EDIT: Your work may well be merged into one of the similar Tips in Tech Tips. Too many "stickys" as-is, and no one reads them anyway: Witness the sheer number of threads that begin with "How do I .........?" and the sticky answer is two threads away................

11-06-12, 10:37 AM
I agree with sub about creating your document then posting to a hosting site. That doc with pics will be long and too large for some net users anyways. Plus they'll prob want to print it out to use. That way you can format and size pics at your leisure.
If you want to do a shorter synopsis, crop and shrink your pics to @500-600kb max and host them at flickr or similiar site and link them to posts. Keep the pics fairly small since some users(such as me) unfortunately have slow connections and 3 mg pics really load sloooow or never.