: Build Date Waiting?

11-05-12, 10:39 PM
Been waiting for the XTS since it got announced and ordered it the second I could. I know the U.S got their allotment first so us Canadians have to sit tight but my build date was October 19th and my dealership is less than 100 miles from the Oshawa plant. Also Canadians don't have to wait for vehicles to clear customs so wondering why people are getting their XTS 10-14 days from build dates and I'm waiting. How long did everyone have to wait from their build dates?

11-05-12, 11:21 PM
2 weeks-Canada to Mechanicsburg PA dealer. Did you ask your dealer 'cause they can look it up and find out what's going on. ?

12-10-12, 02:13 PM
I can appreaciate that GM is supplying some big Dealerships in the US first, but I agree, that when ordering an XTS Platinum on Aug 31 and then after complaining lately directly to Cadillac (quick reply, thanks) I am now told my order has been prioritized with an "tentative" production date of Jan 7th, 13. Now I have to hope that "tentative" is not just a "keep customer quiet for a while" thing. If there is a further longer delay, I will just have to cancel. There comes a time when "enough is enough". Not the only problem for us Canadian Caddy drivers. We pay more and we do not get an iPad. - and I too am less then 100 km from the plant. LOL. And I contacted Caddilac directly after the dealer told me that production of the Plantinum was on "hold" at least for Canada but had no reason for the hold or any dates for a restart of production. Didn't get a reason for delay either from Cadillac.