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11-05-12, 02:42 PM
I have a beautiful 2010 SRX Premium Edition Turbo (blk/blk). My baby has every option known to man. BUT, even though I have On-Star, this edition does not allow the On-Stat app to remote start the vehicle. Anyone have success w/o buying after-market alarm?
I know my subj. heading was about Bluetooth, so I'll get to that. Currently the only was I can play music from my iPhone 5 is from the Aux. USB port w/cable. I have found a cool product on Amazon by iKross that plugs into the Miniplug Aux. port, but there is no way to charge it while it is playing. It will play up to about 12 hrs, which is not too bad, but the even worse part is that I have to reach down into the center console & press the pair/power button everything I want to play music wirelessly.
I've done tons of research on this, so I don't believe there are any answers,but obv. Suggestions are welcome. If nothing else, I've helped someone out.
If nothing else, I have given all other 2nd gen

11-05-12, 04:58 PM
You're better off with the cable to aux-in than bluetooth. The sound quality is infinitely better hard-wired than via bluetooth.