: Mid-Ohio driving school experience

11-05-12, 09:49 AM
I attended to driving school let Mid-Ohio this past weekend put on by the Maumee Valley (Toledo area) Porsche Club of America. It was an extremely well-run event. For example, Sunday it was very cold. Instead of running 6 20 minute sessions, we ran 3 40 minute sessions apparently because some of the attendees running racing type tires had to spend a little more time getting enough heat in their tires to feel comfortable.

What I liked about it was it again proved how absolutely fantastic the brakes are on my CTS V coupe. One of my friends had a Z06. After the second session on Sunday, he had to park his car because of severe brake fade.

My instructor drove my car with a reconnaissance laps. His reaction to what was extraordinary. We didn’t go too fast, but fast enough for him to rave about both the braking and the handling for a car its size. When I was driving, at the end of the fastest rate, the back straight, I was reaching 125 miles an hour as I was hitting the rev limiter in fourth gear. He told me as I became better, and came out of the Keyhole with more speed in third gear, there was no reason why I would not be able to hit 150 mph! And he said not to worry about that when I do hit it because I had more than enough braking power to handle it.

Also, while in the car, he continued to marvel at how well it handled. I ran it in competitive mode with the magnetic shocks in sport mode. As far as the power, he just shook his head.

There are two areas on the track where the car goes light. At each one of them I applied the power too soon and lost the rear end. Thankfully, I was able to save it without underwear ruining drama. That certainly embedded in my head the importance of always “squeezing” the throttle.

This is my fourth school in the car and I feel more and more comfortable in it. I suspect this was the fastest I have ever driven any car consistently on a racetrack.

Just another testimonial to the fact Cadillac has created not only a car that will cause your hair to fly in the back seat when you stomp on it even if you don’t have a hairpiece but also a car that obviously was engineered on the Nuremberg ring.

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11-05-12, 11:32 AM
Nice! The TC is so forgiving, I leave it engaged except under warm, sticky conditions. Saves a LOT of "hair raising"! :)

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Glad you had fun. Mid Oh is a great track.

11-05-12, 07:28 PM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
We are so blessed that we have these cars and the opportunity to experience what they are capable of doing on a closed course!

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11-05-12, 08:44 PM
Nice! The TC is so forgiving, I leave it engaged except under warm, sticky conditions. Saves a LOT of "hair raising"! :)Indeed. I keep everything on on the street and competitive mode on the track...

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I did two of the twilight open track nights with my V this past year at Mid Ohio. They are 3 - 20 minute long sessions of led-follow. The first one was as on June 28th when the ambient air temp at 9pm was still 100degrees. I was hitting 135mph on the long stretch with the air conditioning on while many drivers (Including a 3 series BMW) had cut sessions short due to over heating. :) The second session was on October 10th and the ambient air temp was only 50 at 5pm. The PIlot Super Sports held up great in both extreme conditions. We had a small group of pretty talent amateur drivers the were clicking off "some of the fastest led follow laps he had ever had," as described by the instructor.

11-07-12, 11:29 AM
Did you put heavier differential fluid in your car? My first track day with my V, after 15 minutes, I got the "differential overheating" warning. I was able to run into different groups so that I could get all my time.

After I changed it to heavier fluid, I have had no problems at three schools.

What are the "twilight open track nights" anyway? I assume they are listed on the Mid-Ohio website?

Thanks for the info.


11-07-12, 08:27 PM
Here is a link to the twilight sessions...


Regarding the differential fluid, same stuff that came from the factory. I did get the over heating message on the last lap of the last session on the 100 degree evening.