View Full Version : Question about using a LOC with a Aftermarket Headunit

11-04-12, 05:28 PM
I have a Pioneer 4400bh in my 02 DTS and the sound (highs and mids)is amazing, but i need some deeper lows long story short i need to know if I install my amp using a LOC would i beable to use my HPF on my head unit and still have mhy subs playing. I know some of you thinkn why not use the rca in the head unit answer it was a PITA gettin the head unit in and dont want to take it out and also not sure how i would even hide them all the way to the trunk. Thx in advance for the info


oh yea i have the bose factory speaker system

11-04-12, 08:45 PM
So dont nobody know

11-20-12, 12:56 AM
Let me tell you from experience.

Loc's can be effective in stock stereo systems with a stock sub, and a stock deck. Cut the wire to the stock sub, hook up the loc, and wala, balanced bass. however when you have to tie into both rear speakers you are relying on the fact that the stock head unit is sending all the bass to the rear channels and over utilizing the low pass filter on your amp. if you choosehow to use a line out converter it must be a very nice 1 such a Dave Navone unit as well.

if you happen to have an aftermarket unit already installed it is worth the 5 minutes it takes to run RCA's to the trunk.you just literally push them down passenger side of your center console push it under the carpet, then pull up your kick panels en route the RCA's along the Kick panels and then under the passenger Rear seat. this will give you full control over your subwoofers and is the only way to go with an aftermarket head unit.