: Nav Upgrade Disk for the car !

11-01-12, 08:53 PM
Ok, I got the 2011 upgrade disk Ver.8.0 p/n 22820294 for FREE. Here's How. Credit goes to other members of this forum, without whose help, this could NOT have been possible. I dialed 877-NAV-DISK (628-3472) asked for Customer Service. Just play along with anything they say. Told them you NEVER received any updates and(understand you are entitled to two (2) updates). You were told this by the dealer or salesman. Continue to play along with them. When they tell you that this plan expired in 2010, or whatever year, act, and tell them you are VERY dis-appointed,let them talk. Let them transfer you to anyone they want, and PLAY along. Do NOT be afraid to tell them again, you are dis-appointed. They will say they are sorry, be polite, and hang up,if that's all you can get from this phone call. Maybe later,expect a call from Chris, a female, who will tell you they will send you a updated disk, you ask, is this for FREE ? She says , Yes. Viola, you get a disk for free. Note: This disk will ONLY work if your NAV has been updated, with the latest Firmware, the one where Magnetic Ride Control is ON the first page, when you select Config. So, you have NOTHING to lose, except patience and a phone call. Good Luck.

11-02-12, 11:00 PM
I was on here about a month ago and find out about the free disk. I called up and just like you described, played the game , sounded so disappointed, but respectful. 7 days later I received my disk in the mail.

11-02-12, 11:24 PM
lol didnt work for me when i saw this same topic about a month ago...ill try again but this time ill let the wife do all the talking, she's good at it