: 2011 SRX Remote Start Problem

10-31-12, 11:34 PM
I have a 2011 SRX that mysteriously decided the remote start feature is no longer available.

When I press the lock button on the remote, the tail lights flash normally. Subsequently pressing the Start button causes the lights to flash once again but the car will not start.

I've tried to remote start the car using both transmitters as well as attempting to start it remotely via the Onstar app on my cell phone.
The Onstar app says it can not start the vehicle and if I continue to get 220 errors I may need to have the long range remote start feature installed. Definitely not the problem since I can stand right beside the car and it still will not remote start.

I do know it worked previously but can't remember the last time it was used.
Maintenance wise... the only repair that has been needed was servicing on the AC unit because it wasn't cooling the vehicle.
If memory serves me correctly that issue was the receiver / dryer.

Anyone have any ideas on what the problem may be?



11-01-12, 03:17 AM
I suggest driving it around the corner and trying again because I have received errors on the app before and one of reasons was the location and sometimes it's you have tried to remote start too many times between actual drives because you are limited...so try the driving to another location and try again first before taking to dealer or worrying some more

11-01-12, 09:52 PM
From the book:

Conditions in Which Remote Start
Will Not Work
The remote start will not operate if
any of the following occur:
. The ignition is in any mode other
than OFF.
. The transmitter is in the vehicle.
. The hood is not closed.
. The hazard warning flashers
are on.
. There is an emission control
system malfunction.
. The engine coolant temperature
is too high.
. The oil pressure is low.
. Two remote vehicle starts have
already been used.
. The vehicle is not in P (Park).

11-11-12, 05:31 PM
On my 2011 I have to press the lock button twice, then the remote start button. Works every time even from pretty far away or when I'm inside a store.

11-29-12, 04:52 PM

While researching something completely unrelated, I came across the below info and I thought it might help.

Model Year: 2010-2011

Vehicle Condition: Equinox, LaCrosse, SRX, Terrain — Remote Vehicle Start intermittently inoperative.

Do this: Reprogram the BCM with revised calibration

Reference Bulletin: PI0441A