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european caddyfan
10-31-12, 01:21 PM

A Cadillac is no simple necessity car like a Volkswagen or a cheap Chevrolet (nothing against them!), a "Caddy" is a car to be loved!:halo:
Would you prefer to love a pretty girl or an ugly one?
And your Cadillac? Shouldn't it be pretty to be loved by you?

Actually luxury cars all (see Lincoln, see Lexus, unfortunately our Caddillac, too) are only available in ugly paintings, without any creativity: only few painting options available, most of them pale or "dawn" colours, only 1 or two "true" colours, generally red or blue. What a bore!:thehand:

* A white car? Am I an ambulance driver?
* A grey, silvery or silvery grey or brown one? Am I an undertaker?
* A black "Caddy"? Am I a gangster from the "Mob"?
* A red car? Am I from fire departement?

Has it become a shame to own a luxury car? If not, what these true camouflage colours are for, if not to hide your adquisition, when you go by your car in public?:bigroll:

There remains only 1 pretty colour option left: blue metallic. So from now on there will be only blue Cadillacs?

Where has gone the famous Caddillac green metallic to, available for almost all models, during many decades?:(

To customize colour of your new car, after buying it, in a paint shop, is no good option:
* It's always a pitty to destroy factory painting of a new car.
* Rarely hardness and resistance of paint jobs in a paint shop are equal to that of factory paintings.
* To get a really perfetct paint job, your new car practically has to be disassembled before: you surely will lose GM's car warranty. Who will go this risk?

I already, several months ago, wrote to Cadillac an email about my insatisfaction with the colours available actually. The were very polite: "Thanks for your kind suggestions...". But until today nothing changed.There are still only the same 8 colours shown available at Caddillac page.

Cadillac is a luxury car and should have a luxury painting::thumbsup:
* Instead of white or "diamond white" something opalescent that looks like true nacre!
* Metallic yellow or orange that look in the sunshine like gold!
* Green metallic, my favorite colour, we already talked about.
* For whom prefers dark paintings: what about purple metallic or even a "Chameleon Painting" dark, beautiful and drive you really crazy, when you look at it.
All as factory painting options, please!

Too expensive? If you have between US$ 40,000.- and 90,000.-, the price of most Cadillacs, you should have also "those cents" more to pay that and to order from the GM a true beauty!

The CEO of Cadillac himself should consider that pretty design combined with a pretty painting make people that look at it and to dream with a car: just the best possible publicity for Cadillac!

Finally: vivid colours in car paintings enhance car safety. At fog, rainy days or in the dark your car will more easily be seen by the others and so avoid accidents.:stirpot:

Gentlemen, begin to offer your customers really pretty factory paintings in vivid colours! Please, it's of interest fot your company itself!

Friends, what's your opinion?

Yours truly: European Caddyfan

10-31-12, 01:22 PM
Amen preacher!

european caddyfan
11-08-12, 01:56 PM
You are pretty right: I am, indeed, an Evangelic prayer (in my free time). How did you notice? And there is no sin to like pretty cars...

Yours truly: European Caddyfan