: New Rims for my Escalade Platinum for winter - will they fit ?

10-30-12, 10:30 AM

I just donīt want to drive with my original chrome rims in the winter.

So i suggested to get some cheap black rims for the winter and found this one here:


Can anyone confirm if they will fit on my 2011 Escalade Platinum 6.2V ?

The seller told me that they will fit, but i really want to be shure since i need them to be shipped overseas here to austria.

Thanks a lot in advance !

Take care

10-30-12, 04:40 PM
Our 22's are 31mm offset, the 15mm offset were for the 2002-2006 models, may fit may not without rubbing. The problem with 22's for the winter is they offer no protection if you hit a curb like the stock 18's do, and you have a very limited and expensive tire choice, that is why I use 18's or 20's for the winters since 2002 :)

10-30-12, 08:06 PM
I agee with Carl, 18s or 20s are a better choice for the winter. And you will find a good selection of winter tires in those wheel sizes. I've been running P265-65R18s and P275-55R20s on my late model Escalades since 2007.

10-31-12, 08:03 AM
I bought 26" rims with 15 offset and they were rubbing the plastic with the inside of the rear rims almost every bump