: It's Official--I must be getting old

12-18-04, 10:38 AM
Yesterday I took my 99 SLS to the dealer for a lube and oil change. while I waited for the car to be ready I meandered over to the dealer's brand new, shiny chrome and glass showroom. Parked around the Christmas tree (or the Holiday tree for you Democrats :D ) were a brand new black Deville DTS, a brand new red CTS and a brand new silver STS. All three cars were optioned out to the max and all looked really good. But after looking at all of them, and sititng inside each of them I came to the conclusion that (at least for me) the DTS was the true epitome of what a Caddillac should be: big outside, roomy inside, exuding all-American luxury, powerful, understated yet classy looks, a real throwback to the days when buying a Caddy meant you had finally arrived. Except for the fact that the DTS is FWD, I cannot think of a more perfect Caddy than the DTS.

I know that there are lots of CTS and STS fans here, but the CTS does not look or feel like a Caddy and the STS is (again inmy opinion) nothing more than an overgrown CTS. I realize that both of these cars are fine performers with lots of gee-whiz features, but if I am going to plunk down $50k + for a new American car, I would put my money down on the DTS.

I guess that I must be getting old because now I prefer the old-man's Caddy over the X-gen Caddies :hmm:

On another thought, I saw a new Chrysler 300 parked next to my black on black 99S SLS. I know that the 300 just got the Car of the Year award from Motor Trend magazine. But looking at the 300 next to my SLS and comparing them exterior-feature-by-exterior-feature, I think that the 300's style will look dated real soon. Again, just my opinion.

12-18-04, 01:18 PM
I would agree that old STS is better looking then 300.
Doent Chrysler come out different looking car that do get tried quickly
PT, Ram Truck, etc

12-18-04, 09:08 PM
well i dont think any Cadillac will ever be as nice as the big body Fleetwoods. none. my opinion. i do like the new CTS and STS but give me a big Caddy any day over any of those "European designed" cars. i am planning on getting a CTS either in the spring or summer next year but i might go with a 00-02 Deville (if i can find a DHS or DTS in my price range i will get one of those instead).